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The birth of an idea

is the illusion of your ideal.


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The beginning of something new

can be found in every tradition.


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arises through the grace of uniqueness.


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With emotion. For emotion.

With tailored packaging solutions MODUM combines heart and haptics. We develop, design and produce unique packaging solutions that shine, fascinate and most of all: sell With emotion. For emotion. Challenge us with your ideals and you will benefit from:

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7 reasons for MODUM

1. Passion, dedication and commitment during the entire project

2. Clear product focus

3. Consistently high quality promise

4. Individual design and prototype building

5. In-house team with international designers

6. Development, production and logistics from a single source

7. Quick delivery thanks to European production

Being one step ahead of the rest.

According to our credo “Think smart”, with your input we will develop your desired packaging with view to innovative and individual ideal solutions. Together we will discuss goals and define the requirements of a new product packaging or the new presentation medium. In doing so we will analyse:

Product development
  • Market and competition
  • Trends
  • Product and packaging benefits
  • Shopper orientation
  • Innovative packaging ideas
Material/paper selection

We set new standards.

Everything, not just superficial. The loving selection and combination of our packaging materials ensures we are able to set new standards and will make you one promise: always stable and yet flexible. Luxurious with a touch of subtlety. Whether high quality papers/cartons from all well-known European paper manufacturers, fabrics or leather – with the use of special materials and processing possibilities we are able to achieve haptic and visual effects that are unique in the packaging market. As a result of different techniques, such as brush, holography and metallic design, we create astonishing spatial effects, a high level of reflection and mirror images and even splendid accents. Your customers will be touched on an emotional level and this in turn, will increase the disposition to buy. In doing so, our groundbreaking materials are tailored exactly according to your needs and your specific requirements. Everything we have promised you:

  • Extensive sample material
  • Best material characteristics
  • High quality carton varieties as a basis
  • Special effects and materials for refinement
  • Technical innovation
  • Economic advantages

On paper selection

Samples of own work


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